Welcome to Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is a beautiful green haven, only 25 minutes via ferry from Central.

Its open spaces, sandy beach and alfresco lifestyle appeal to all families.

Children thrive here with playgrounds on every corner and a choice of International schools and Kindergartens. Private cars are restricted making traffic pollution minimal, which creates a safe environment for all who live here.

It’s a very pet friendly place; dogs are almost as common a sight as children.

Community sports including football, and netball to beach volleyball and dragon boat racing are popular activities and encouraged within the DB community.

There’s a welcoming spirit here, making it very easy for families to feel at home.

A wide variety of shops ranging from an organic food shop to a small department store, spa, hairdresser, sports shop, book shop and florist.

Alfresco and indoor dining and drinking are available with beautiful sea and mountain views. There are over 20 restaurants offering a diverse variety of cuisines. Many cater for families; with children’s menus, high chairs and crayons.

There are four top class club houses in Discovery Bay: Resident's Club, Siena Club, Lantau Yacht Club and Golf Club.

Discovery Bay residents lead a very outdoor lifestyle. Health and fitness play a key role in many resident’s lives. Walking and cycling are popular and easy ways to get around. Aside from the club houses there are also many clubs, groups and businesses specialising in recreation and fitness.

For children there’s a great selection of extra-curricular activities such as ballet, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, arts and crafts etc.

Comprising 325 superbly appointed rooms and suites, the Auberge Hotel offers a great option for those visiting Discovery Bay.